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The Debut of SICSS Student Council Website

The SICSS Student Council website is created by the SICSS students for the SICSS student community. We welcome you and invite you to explore the website, try different functions, and consider becoming a member of the website. Please let us know if you have any suggestions about the website. We need your feedbacks for future development!

Below is a list of features we've been working on. We'll keep updating and improving the website. More features and contents are coming soon!

Pre-release updates:

-Added a forum for users to post questions, propose activities

-Added group function. Users can create groups and invite people for discussion.

-Events RSVP function: After a user submit reservation request for an event, he/she will receive an auto-reply email confirmation, including the details for the event.

When an event is cancelled, cancellation email will be sent

The events detail will show who are registered.

Admin can send promotional emails about an event to users

Can auto assign people who registered for an event to a group

-Users will receive an email notification when there’s a new event, forum post or reply

-Users can manage the notification settings. (Only new event, event+forum, etc)

Currently we're working on:

-Useful links page

-Multilingual support

-Mobile version of the website

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